A Simple Guide to iSiaga
  • What are the advantages of iSiaga Plan?
  • Yes we do! Since we manage IT infrastructures of over a dozen offices in Jakarta, we get discounted rates directly from major computer and gadget distributors in Indonesia. We happily pass on the savings to our customers and offer highly competitive prices for your purchase.
  • What if I don’t like the design / layout of my website?
  • We design your website based on your requests while following best web practices. If for any reason you feel the website needs further enhancements, we offer 1 free revision after we show you the first draft of your website. Further revisions will incur revision charges.
  • What are revision charges and how much do they cost?
  • Our pricing is based on the average man-hours needed to fulfill a particular project. Sometimes, our clients want something specific but are unable to communicate their vision clearly. We honor the process of perfecting your work and are willing to work on multiple renditions of your project. Based on the additional man-hours needed, an additional fee will be charged payable before the revision is implemented.
  • Your team is unbelievably awesome. You print as well?
  • We offer managed print services. Although we don’t print everything in-house, we have partnerships with high quality print shops and can make sure your print work is executed at the best quality possible. We print a lot of stuff for a lot of clients; this means printing via iSiaga would probably be cheaper too.
  • How do I give away my recycled items for donation?
  • iSiaga currently allows users to donate the proceeds of your recycled items to Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa. This means that we recycle your items and give the cash we earn from it for charity.
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